Who is tamra barney dating 2016

07-Feb-2018 03:50

The fame and popularity she has gained is because of her character in ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country’ in the third season and this journey continued in fourth, fifth and sixth season.

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But she and Barney have been fighting over their teen daughter, Sidney, who refused to live with her and is now residing full time with Ienni and Barney.She loved to play clarinet when she was young and was a band geek.Her beginning as a working lady was not that easy and she embarked it by working as a manicurist for Burger King.Simon controls her, tells her what to wear and even when she can leave the house.” “She’s very strange to talk to and Simon doesn’t take her in public often, he even leaves her at home when he travels.

And she weirdly looks a lot like Simon’s oldest daughter,” the source adds.Her father was a businessman and her mother was a homemaker.