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As justice minister, Trudeau removed laws against homosexual sex from the Criminal Code, adding fuel to those rumours in the media and elsewhere. She recenlty had a heart attack that was diagnosed as "Broken Heart Syndrome" It's something that usually happens to women who have extreme stres or who have undergone an emotional trauma of some sort.

Frank Fitzpatrick has been an editor and writer at the Inquirer since 1980.

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lang Carole Pope Raymond Burr Jeffrey Kofman David Furnish (famous for marrying well, but still...)Svend Robinson Adamo Ruggiero (Marco from De Grassi)Rufus Wainwright Blake Harper Seamus O'Regan (Canada AM host) is often rumoured, OP, but hasn't come out/been convincingly outed yet. Why don't you read the thread and return here to post. Now if he said he wasn't gay, and then was fooling around on the side with guys, and voting against legislation to protect gays and lesbians. But the fact is he has consistently voted IN FAVOR for gay rights, same-sex marriage, and protection for gays and lesbians, despite the fact it goes against some members of his party.During his OHL career, Lindros led the Generals to a Memorial Cup victory in 1990.