Jessica and taeyeon dating

04-Aug-2017 13:28

Everyone knew that Taeyeon was never going to stick with mathematics.

duology of a universe where Taeyeon is the nation's number one idol and Jessica is the actress who plays her love interest in her latest MV.

Including the butterfly, there’s a fish next to his signature, which is Tae Yeon’s astrological sign – pisces.

Our K-Pop idols are human too, so of course they date and fall in love with others!

Fact: Taeyeon does not believe in, subscribe to, or measure her life by fate.

It's too painful and she has learned the hard way to teeter her choices safely.

Even though their album gained some attention, their breakthrough came with their single "Gee" which is still a well-known song.September, I was scrolling through my twitter news feed and I learnt of the news about Jessica’s Weibo post.She posted that she was being “forced out” of Girls’ Generation for “no justifiable reason”.Junmyeon probably should have known better, but to be honest, he was a little drunk.

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And by the time he was sober, the news was plastered on every screen across the nation: PRINCE JUNMYEON’S SOUL MARK REVEALED. Their memories of each other are erased and they no longer exist to each other.The fans call themselves "SONEs", often stylized as S♥NE.