Backdating housing benefit

29-Sep-2017 14:41

Your claim will be considered by a benefits officer.

The more information and evidence you give in support of your claim the quicker a decision can be made.

Sometimes we may need to write to you for more information or to ask you to come in for an informal interview.

If we decide we cannot backdate your claim we will explain the reasons for our decision in a letter.

This would mean we can consider paying you for a period up to 3 months before the date we received your application form.

This process is not backdating, it is what the law says must happen when you apply.

This would be for the period between when you want your award of Housing Benefit to start and when you actually make your claim.

This is something that would stop a person making a claim on time.However, the benefit rules still require you to sign your claim before we can look at it.