Updating jtree

21-Sep-2017 09:56

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* * @author xenomorpheus * @version $Revision: 1.0 $ */ public class Node implements Action Listener /** This document is AS-IS.

This course is aimed at the hobbyist the enthusiast because to complete this course you will need to be a jack of all trades and not a master of one.

You will build the data model, the front end, the event model and the code to store the data, all of this you will have to code!

I have read and tried to follow the question guidelines. */ package com.example.mutablejtreemodel; import event.

*/ package com.example.mutablejtreemodel; import event.

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As we all know java swing is not threadsafe , you can not update swing component like JButton, JLable , JTable or JTree from any thread , they all needs to be updated from just one thread and we call it Event Dispatcher thread or EDT in short.EDT thread will process this request only after sorting out all AWT pending events or requests.

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